Re: I18N attributes in NewsML 2

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 17:53:09 +0900, Ian Forrester  
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>> >I believe xml:lang and dir attribute would also be useful in the RSS  
>> and ATOM specifications?
>> In Atom, xml:lang is available widely, but dir isn't available
>> directly. But if your title, summary, content, or whatever is
>> (X)HTML, then of course you can use the dir attribute.
>> Regards,    Martin.
> Going slightly off topic of NewsML2,
> Can you send an example of how you would use XHTML in RSS or ATOM?
> I'm very interested in adding i18n attributes to RSS, ATOM and most XML  
> syndication formats. I was working on a RSS/ATOM namespace which could  
> be used by anyone including bloggers on non-Unicode encodings. I was  
> also pushing it for people not familiar with Unicode directionality.

Do you know the work of the W3C i18n ITS Working Group, see ? It is a possible answer to (some  
of) your problems. The working group recently published a working draft ,  
see . You will see a list of topics we are  
currently addressing and planning to address in the future at "Work items  
in the Wiki" on .
If you need more information, I would like very much to be helpful.


Felix Sasaki (team contact of the ITS Working Group)

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