1) Defining a nomenclature that allows for translation cost little to 
HTTP and could be very useful in translation.  Example:

 it-ht   (Italian, human translation)
 it-mt   (Italian, machine translation)

2) The response to a translation request by machine or human would not be 
instantaneous.  Further work would be needed for longer transactions, 
probably applicable to other fields.

3) "q" should be the "quality of the linguistic version" and not the 
"user's preference for the language" (HTTP/1.1).  Example

  q=1    Translated by a human   Master Translator
  q=0.5  Translated by a human   Novice Translator
  q=0.49 Translated by a machine Master Translator

4) A standard nomenclature for "q" is need.  For example, less than 0.5 
is machined translations.

5) The Accept-Language should be a ordered "preference list".  There is no 
need to quantify the preference of the user.


Received on Tuesday, 14 January 1997 16:37:35 UTC