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Tenth International Unicode Conference - Call for Papers Misha Wolf (Monday, 30 September)

Submission--Job Announcements Jennifer DeCamp (Wednesday, 25 September)

Non 8859/1 in Basic Auth Tim Greenwood (Friday, 13 September)

Announcement: Internationalization Symposium Bert Bos (Friday, 30 August)

Unicode Conference - FINAL REMINDER Misha Wolf (Sunday, 25 August)

Web i18n (Sevilla) M.T. Carrasco Benitez (Saturday, 24 August)

Re: www-international@w3.org to replace WInter Fco. Javier Mart?nez Garc?a (Tuesday, 20 August)

Unicode Conference Web pages Misha Wolf (Wednesday, 14 August)

LANG= for character-mapping Hans van Mourik (Tuesday, 23 July)

mailto:www-international@w3.org DIALIN1@TLC.LIB.OH.US (Tuesday, 23 July)

Please include me in your mailing list. Nicolas & Roberta Rodriguez (Thursday, 18 July)

mailing list Elsie (Wednesday, 17 July)

Keeping those tags and extensions coming ... David Baron (Wednesday, 10 July)

Internationalization and URLs Jonathan Rosenne (Tuesday, 2 July)

Internationalization and URLs Larry Masinter (Tuesday, 2 July)

Spreading the word Misha Wolf (Monday, 1 July)

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