Keeping those tags and extensions coming ...

Netscape-3 beta 5 now has:

<MULTICOL> ... balanced multicolumn formatting. I had 
suggested this (for short sequences) since the 
directory-list was depreciated. Roundly denounced as 

<TD BGCOLOR=> I think this will go over really big!

<FONT FACE=> with a list of possible fonts! Interoperabiliy 
with explicit fonts will be a boondogle, especially once 
multilingual capabilities are implemented. May I recommend 
font families instead, very generic, such as "roman", 
"gothic", "typewriter", "cursive", "fancy" or 
whatever. Not all these apply to Arabic and Japanese, of 
course. The stylesheet issue remains open. 

Anyway, HTML3.2 is fast being left behind as we rush into 
the unknown, undefined and unstandardized :-)


Unicode UTF8 appears on the document encoding dropdown but 
is grayed out. Someday ...

Received on Wednesday, 10 July 1996 03:30:05 UTC