LANG + chars

This is with the intention of putting together the last few messages:

- Only one charset in allowed per document.

- What SHOULD be the default "document character set" for HTML ? 
  Latin1, Unicode ... ?

- How should be view:
  + Many "document character sets" are allowed; e.g., ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-7.
  + Only (full 32 bits) 10646 is allowed.  The others are subsets.

- The charset for transmission SHOULD be whatever is appropriate for the data.

- What is appropriate for the data ?
  The client does not express any desire/restriction and the document is in 
  the server in ISO-8859-7.  Should the server send it in ISO-8859-7 or 
  in Unicode ?

- The server: "SHOULD or MUST ?" inform the client of the character set.

- Transmissions transformations are for compressing, encrypting
(content-encoding) or "safe transport" (transfer-coding).  This is a 
lower layer in the transmission.  As long as the higher functions are 
concerned, they are talking Unicode, Latin1, etc.

- LANG is for higher functions, such as short quotations, etc.

- The server SHOULD inform the client with Content-Language.

- LANGs in the document overrides the Content-Language.
- There is no association between LANG and charset.

- I will do another posting regarding the more advance language 


Received on Thursday, 25 July 1996 07:12:18 UTC