Re: LANG + chars

>A longer answer, is that the HTML 2.0 spec contains some cleverly
>designed weasel-wording that allows you to comply with it and
>use a different SGML document character set, so long as it contains
>all the characters in ISO-8859-1 and that it's numeric character
>references agree with ISO-10646 (not as precisely specified as in
>the i18n draft.) It was written this way to allign with the intended
>direction of the i18n spec, while allowing room for experimentation.

Well, I never thought my idea was weasly, a little inventive
perhaps... ;-)

It's interesting to compare this approach with the BCTF approach. My
interpretation has the SGML parser dealing with abstract characters,
the BCTF approach has it dealing with bit combinations (apparently not
interpreted as characters).

I'd be interested to hear people opinions of both approaches.

Received on Thursday, 25 July 1996 10:30:45 UTC