Re: name="" deprecated in XHTML

On 1 Jul 2008, at 16:57, Sebastian Mendel wrote:
> in opposite to class, which could be changed to change styling,  
> naming is something to rely on what does not change, see above

As mentioned, you can change the name of an element to change the  

> (in an abstract view ... objects in software are always an  
> abstraction of objects in real world, and classes and names are two  
> different things on real world objects, and this has a reason,  
> sometimes you need to specify a group of objects by its name and  
> sometimes by its class)

In object orientated programming, if you want to get multiple objects,  
then you would store them in an array (or some other kind of object).  
I don't think I've ever encountered a way of accessing multiple  
objects from a single name.

> naming and classifying objects are two different approaches for me

I don't see how.

There are two cases that I can see.

(1) You get an object. This can be done by its id.

(2) You get a group of objects that have something in common. The  
class describes what they have in common.

Your name approach seems (to me) to be purely a matter of perception,  
it doesn't add any capabilities.

David Dorward

Received on Wednesday, 2 July 2008 16:31:39 UTC