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New character entities Chris Simon (Thursday, 23 July)

visiting named anchors (was Re: Ah! Another HTML query!) John T. Whelan (Wednesday, 22 July)

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[www-html] <none> spower@iee.org.uk (Monday, 20 July)

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RE: please vote on this draft now Larry Masinter (Friday, 17 July)

SOTA Meting Frank Boumphrey (Friday, 17 July)

Web Typography Frank Boumphrey (Friday, 17 July)

Where can I get SGML parser? Help !! Yang Ting-ling (Thursday, 16 July)

I need help for use layers with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x Agustin Cano Martinez (Thursday, 16 July)

Metadate management Alain Collard (Wednesday, 15 July)

Page Expiry Error when using Back-Button on IIS4 running ASP Prince (Monday, 13 July)

layer borders Brian Medendorp (Wednesday, 8 July)

[FYI] 1994 historical archives now available jose.kahan@w3.org (Tuesday, 7 July)

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Page break in html table Katonica, Jason (Tuesday, 7 July)

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Re: ISO Latin-1 Chris Maden (Wednesday, 24 June)

<a href="mailto:email address"> David Zampese (Wednesday, 24 June)

Re: Style Sheets Chris Maden (Wednesday, 1 July)

Re: <a href="mailto:email address"> Dan Connolly (Saturday, 4 July)

[www-html] <none> Ole Peder Granaasen (Friday, 3 July)

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