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| >Well, how could there be anything that takes advantage of DIV when DIV
| >is not yet standardized?
| This is the attitude that has kept stylesheets (and PNG and ...)
| in the closet for years.

The word "standardization" was ill chosen.  I meant "when the feature
is not yet implemented broadly enough that authors would have a reason
to use it".  The phrase "de facto standard" does not verb attractively.

| Seems to me that a whole lot of stuff took advantage of HTML 2.0 long
| before RFC1866 was published.
| For the nth time:
| 	1. proposal
| 	2. implementation experience
| 	3. standardization

This was, actually, exactly my point.  Content won't appear until
implementations support it and we won't know the right implementation to
standardize until we have content to validate its use.  [Actually, I'm
not completely happy with that "proposal" step - things have to be
pretty mature before there's anybody to propose to.]

I strongly support experimentation and standardization of proven


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