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Brian Behlendorf <> wrote:
>[...]  If it's a text-only browser, the author could generate (to 
>their liking/quality control) a text equivalent.  Of course, with Lynx 
>2.5 claiming to "Accept:" a bunch of image formats this is something of a 
>problem. [...]

	Lynx has always sent Accept: headers for images and other binaries.
which can be configured to spawn a helper app, else will invoke a download
offer.  That has been considered preferable to getting back "your client
does not support ..." messages from servers.

	The current Lynx code, scheduled for release, probably, next
month as Lynx2-5-1, supports appending of q=qvalue and mxb=maxbytes
for content negotiation via Accept headers, a la the Holtman ID.

	Unfortunately, content negotiation was not included in the
HTTP/1.1 ID, and if the q and mxb parameters are included with the
Content-Types in Accept headers sent to servers which do not parse
out the parameters, you're back to "your client does not support ..."
messages from such servers.

	That's "something of a problem", and so their inclusion is
configurable, but not yet recommended.

	You have one of the infinitely small number of servers which
return something useful for text clients, instead of an error message,
if no coordinates are appended to requests via server-side image map
links.  Do you per chance have a server via which Lynx's content
negotiation support can be used?  Or is it still something of a
problem for *all* presently deployed servers?


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