Re: Tables

Thomas van Gulick wrote:
++ >>Wouldn't a HSPACE attribute for <TD> and <TH> be nice? I keep seeing the
++ >>columns of my tables 'stick' to eachother...
++ >
++ > See CELLSPACING (thickness of rules) and CELLPADDING (text offset from
++ > rules).
++ But when using this, the table will be stretched vertically too, and this
++ is not what I want.
++ I know, actually what I want is not a table, it is something like a profile
++ in the form:
[ Snip ]

You can use the WIDTH attribute on <TD>. This will set the width for
a cell (and hence for the column). If possible, the user agent will
use that width. A user agent is allowed to ignore if it would not
be possible to use the suggested width. The disadvantage is that
you have to compare pixels vs (proportional) font width.



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