Re: Tables

>>Wouldn't a HSPACE attribute for <TD> and <TH> be nice? I keep seeing the
>>columns of my tables 'stick' to eachother...
> See CELLSPACING (thickness of rules) and CELLPADDING (text offset from
> rules).

But when using this, the table will be stretched vertically too, and this
is not what I want.

I know, actually what I want is not a table, it is something like a profile
in the form:

Name          : xyz
Age           : 201
City          : aabbcc

etc. Previously I did it with <PRE></PRE>, but I don't like the fixed
font and thus tried out <TABLE></TABLE> with CELLPADDING, CELLSPACING and
BORDER set to 0, but this resulted in 'sticky' columns ie, the result for
the above table would be:

Age 201

Using &nbsp; 3 times after ALL of the fields in the first column would
solve the problem (using the &nbsp; trick in only one cell wouldn't: It
is a proportional font and I have now knowledge of which cell will be
the widest) but is not very 'clean'. I do not like this solution.


Received on Sunday, 19 May 1996 08:53:30 UTC