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Once upon a time Dave Raggett shaped the electrons to say...
>> So does this mean that JUSTIFY will not be in HTML 3.2?
>Correct - since this was not widely supported (and still isn't)
>as of early `96.

Fine - so 3.2 is descriptive.  Lets lock it down and move on then.

So, how about ALIGN=JUSTIFY in 3.3?  Of has the W3C decided to wait to
see what happens and just keep issuing descriptive DTDs?  It wouldn't seem
that way from the work on <OBJECT> and Style Sheets, but we need some 
support for features that are legitimate.  Having ALIGN=JUSTIFY will not
break existing browsers, there is no reason to avoid this.  Same with
ID, CLASS, and MD.  Also SRC for HR, UL, OL, and LI.  I consider thebit about 
avoiding them because of a need for size and space atrributes and smoke
screen - you don't need them as long as the implimentation is clear that
the image is displayed as is, just like IMG SRC before 3.2.  Or you just
add them to the tag too - older browsers will ignore them anyway.

So, can we open serious discussion on the next DTD since it seems there
is little room for enhancement on the 3.2 DTD?

>> So just because neither Netscape nor Microsoft got around to implementing
>> JUSTIFY we don't get it? Somehow this doesn't strike me as very desirable.
>We will only get browsers with support for text justification if people
>are prepared to put in considerable effort and expense into developing

So?  There are more than 2 or 3 browsers out there.  If you put it in the
DTD, *someone* will implement it.  And if it gets popular, than the big
browsers will too.  And if no one does, well, still doesn't break anything.

>and widely deploying browsers with this feature. To get high quality
>results this would have to be combined with hyphenation. I expect that

Hyphenation can come later as an improvement, no need to build in all
the bells and whistles in the first run.

>this will come eventually, but it is certainly not viewed as the highest
>priority for vendors I have spoken with at this point.

Fine - but if we put in in a DTD (3.2 or 3.3, or whatever) then people can
use it, and it will cause vendors to implement it if they want to claim
"HTML 3.3 Support" etc

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