RE: Style sheets not in HTML 3.2

Absolutely not; I was referring to the STYLE attribute which allows
direct embedding of style properties, as described in the HTML Style
Embedding draft proposal.  CLASS is still a linking mechanism... but
CLASS may be useful outside of stylesheets, which is why I did not
mention it, although I probably should have.  Donning my flameproof
vest, the bits that would probably have to be in the DTD for stylesheets
would include:

the <STYLE> tag (for containing stylesheets)
the CLASS and ID attributes on all tags (for linking stylesheet
the STYLE attribute on all tags (for directly embedding style
the <LINK> tag would also have to support REL=STYLESHEET.

Chris Wilson

>Sent: 	Tuesday, May 14, 1996 12:50 PM
>Subject: 	RE: Style sheets not in HTML 3.2
>At 9:58a 05/14/96, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>>At any rate, the stylesheet format itself
>>would not go into HTML - only the embedding mechanisms (the STYLE tag,
>>the <LINK REL=STYLESHEET> reference, and the STYLE attribute).
>Does this mean we will be using STYLE as the attribute, after all,
>than CLASS?
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