Take note Dan

Just wanted to draw Dan's attention, here is a single technical point
for you.  (BTW, it doesn't get said often enough - your work is appreciated.)

Once upon a time Warren Steel shaped the electrons to say...
>   But HTML still needs a block element with Captions and 
>Credits for a broad spectrum of writing, from scientific 
>reports to creative fiction!  If this is truly possible in
>the new draft, I'd like to see it explained.  Otherwise, I'd
>like to see the CAPTION and CREDIT restored to the <OBJECT>
>draft, for text that will appear *with* the embedded image
>or animation, not instead of it.

I strongly agree with this.  As has come up recently, <OBJECT> already
supports many of the features in the <FIG> proposal, but these two 
important features have been left out.  After the recent discussion I
reviewed both of the proposals and I think these two features from <FIG>
are what is really needed to make <OBJECT> a solid replacement for it.
Then we can lay <FIG> to rest and not have duplicated efforts.

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