Re: HTML 3.2

I agree with MetaZone that the W3C just *had* to do such a move. I
personally would have preferred that features like <CENTER> were labelled 
as deprecated, and their "better" replacement written at their side.

% And using '3.2' helps put the nail in the coffin of the long defunct 3.0
% proposal.  

And this is a Good Thing.

% Personally the two things I want to see most now are <OBJECT> and 
% Style Sheets.  

Style sheets should already be inserted into 3.2, IMNHO. It should be 
a good way to let browser vendors to add support. But probably this is
the very reason why they were not added - vendors in the Consortium
did not want them  :-(

As for <MATH>, why don't we create at last a www-math mailing list, and
develop a DTD and an Internet-Draft? I admit my near-total ignorance in
SGML aspects, but I can give a hand if we decide to start with the math
part of the defunct 3.0 ...


Received on Saturday, 11 May 1996 08:12:42 UTC