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At 6:00p 05/10/96, Marcus E. Hennecke wrote:
>On Fri, 10 May 1996 17:34:59 -0700, (Walter Ian Kaye) wrote:
>> Mis-use? Since when is resourcefulness a bad thing?
>It is not of course. However, you have to be sure to distinguish between
>actual resources and certain browser features. I would call it a mis-use
>if it would in any way limit my audience. This may happen if I mark
>something up as a table when in fact it is not.

Well, in my case it is a table of hypertext links. Perfectly valid. :)

>> The hallmark of a cool
>> application is when users can make it do things which the developers never
>> dreamed of.
>Well, then you have just narrowed yourself to that particular application.
>However, if you are talking about HTML you need to be aware that certain
>"cool" tricks actually fail quite miserably when applied to a browser
>that is in any way different from the author's (e.g. different browser,
>different platform, different configuration).

Yes, I do in fact keep an awareness of these things, and if I receive email
describing a user's difficulty with one of my pages, I do whatever I can to
accomodate that situation. However, such things usually are due to the user
having an incorrect video setup -- they change it, and suddenly every page
they view looks better, not just mine! ;)

>Of course, you can do on your homepage whatever you want to and if you
>want to limit your audience to Netscape 2.0, that's fine with me.

Oh, I don't limit my audience in any such way. My frames page looks just
fine in the AOL browser and in Lynx. It just looks *better* in Netscape.

>> On my personal home page ("Walter's Web"), I use a combination
>> of Netscape frames and tables to create a scrolling list of graphic buttons
>> which are overlaid with real text.
>I just need to change the font size and your buttons start looking
>awfully cramped or they do not line up anymore.

I'll shorten the titles then. :)

>However, I do hand
>you this: at least I *can* set my font and font size, this would be
>impossible if the buttons were actual images.

Yep, this is the advantage! :D  (And of course a lot easier to modify!)

>BTW, I am browsing in 14pt Lucida Sans Serif (B&H). It's much easier
>on the eyes than 12pt Times.

Yeah, Lucida was designed to be raster-friendly. I'll have to get a copy
one of these days...


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