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Once upon a time T. Joseph W. Lazio shaped the electrons to say...
>------ bit 1
><FONT COLOR="#00FF00" FACE=ARIEL>Livingston, Inc.</FONT> has the solution
>to your IT needs.
>------ bit 2
><EM CLASS=COMPANY>Livingston, Inc.</EM> has the solution to your IT needs.
><!-- with the document being linked to a style sheet containing -->
><!-- em.COMPANY { font-family: ariel; color: #00FF00; } -->
> Which is to be preferred?  Think particularly about browsers which
>aren't capable of displaying the Ariel font or color....

'preferred' as a judgement.

I think it is obvious bit 2 is more flexible and will provide at least
some enphasis on older browsers.  As I've said, I intend to use style sheets
as soon as I'm satisfied with the spec (ie, don't think the rug under my
feet may make a sudden move).  But I know people who don't care about it.
They just want to liven up a page so they use colors:

<FONT COLOR="#ffoooo"><H1>Hi There!</H1></FONT>

Which could also be done with CLASS, and then a style sheet...  which is
more work that just putting the tag in like this.

'Preferred' is up to the author, I believe in giving people the facts and
letting them pick the method they want to use.

When I write pages I make every effort to give them a solid HTML 2.0 base,
and then I use extensions to improve (in my eyes) appearance on certain
browsers.  So the pages I do should be visible to older browsers.  But some
authors prefer to write pages with all of the bells and whistles and don't
want to take time to make them backwards compatible.  They know they are
blowing off some people.  

We have different outlooks.

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responsible for everything contained herein.  So don't waste my managers'
time bitching to them if you don't like something I've said.  Flame me.
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