Re: <math>, <fig>, ... (fwd)

MegaZone writes in <>:
>Because the instant you put it in the standard DTD you have de facto put
>it in concrete.  If it later turns out during development that the
>documented method is lame, you are stuck - you have to leave it in, at
>least for a while, as a legacy implimentation.
>And that is pure evil.
><MATH> is not dead - math is still gestating as is yet to be born.
><FIG> was a miscarriage.

Well said.  Unfortunately, HTML 3.0 was just too large (IMHO) to be 
processed fast enough to become a standard.  HTML 3.2 should go along much 
faster, esp. as the (apparent) plan is for it to be an informational RFC, 
not a standards-track RFC.

We are getting there, people -- it is just taking awhile.
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