Re: HTML 3.2

>>But eventually <CENTER>, <FONT>, will wither away as they will not
>>supply the power that stylesheets deliver.
>Our responsibility is to make standards that _preserve_ an author's
>investment in their document, not standards that make their documents

Yes, that is why we need to make this move now rather than 2 years from now, 
when the Web will be much bigger. Major releases of Netscape and Microsoft 
Internet Explorer (who appear to be the major commercial browser vendors in 
terms of number of messages about them on USENET :)) due this year will 
incorporate style sheets.  We may be cursed with <BLINK>, <FONT>, etc. for 
awhile yet, but I suspect that there are very documents now on the Web that 
incorporate those elements that will not be revised within a year or so. 
 Scientific/technical documents (which may endure as-is for years) likely 
will not use those types of elements, anyway.
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Received on Thursday, 9 May 1996 15:46:33 UTC