what *I* would do with Wilbur.

These are just suggestions dealing with Wilbur, 
and is not meant to be critical or whatever.

1) Add the class attribute It doesn't hurt
anything, it's optional, it doesn't have 
to be rendered or anything by browsers 
not capable of style.

2) Add the <acronym> element. Again, it doesn't
have to be rendered by GUI browsers, but it 
would improve HTML-to-voice translations.
(Ie. "NPS" wouldn't be pronouced "nips")

3) Add <Span>  This allows us to experiment
with styles.

4) Make <center> deprecated.

5) Add Underline. Practically everyone supports it now 
except Netscape (I just double-checked MSIE and mosaic,
and they support it) Saying that you can't do it because
links are often presented as being underlined ignores
a) that they are also often presented in different colors 
and b) that different browser display links in different 
Underline wouldn't be necessary if Styles and <span>
were implemented, but they're not.

These would make me satisfied with wilbur.  It would
document existing pratices, and allow room for growth.

I would be *happy* with wilbur if someone could 
add the <table> spec. as defined at 
http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/TR/WD-tables-960123.html ,
possibly <object> (although <object> looks pretty
new) and possibly <ul plain>.

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