Re: HTML 3.2

MegaZone writes in <>:
>And using '3.2' helps put the nail in the coffin of the long defunct 3.0
>proposal.  3.0 had some good stuff - it also had some poorly thought out
>schemes, and it was unweildy.  3.2 covers bits of 3.0 that are in use,
>and provides an easy point to work from in introducing more.

Although HTML 3.2 has only a subset of what was in HTML 3.0, the subset is 
very useful.  HTML 3.2 gives a good starting point for adding needed 
features to HTML.  I am afraid that HTML 3.0 may have been a example of Fred 
Brook's "Second System Syndrome" -- it was too big a bite to be eaten all at 
once.  W3C and the members of this mailing list should be able now to move 
forward on HTML enhancements in more digestible (and chewable :)) pieces.
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