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>I propose that all &--; constructions be made valid anywhere
>inside the scope of the <body> tag. There should be enough unique
>names for all of these, and a specific tag should retain it's
>presenatation in all contexts (except for font changes etc.).
>	The prime example of this is Arena (beta1-e) which lets
>&times; be represented by an 'x' outside of math mode, and by a
>centered dot (^.^) in math mode. OK, this is an Arena bug, but
>the fact that &cdot; and &middot; exist (and are supported by
>arena) indicate that something needs to be done.
>	&middot; (as far as I can see) is represented as ('mapped to')
>a centered dot in all modes (inside <body>).
>	&cdot; is from LaTeX and is mapped to a centered dot in math
>mode, nothing outside.
>	&times; as I said is represented ambiguously in arena - it
>_should_ be a stylised 'x' in all modes.

I see this as being highly inflexible. IMHO, 
it is preferable to markup the semantics of 
whatever math is being communicated, and let 
the browser display it according to regional 
syntax conventions.  This frees the math from 
being tied to any one language, so your equations
are readable worldwide.

You also have to remember that, like it or not,
browsers have to work with what fonts are availible.

>Favorite Peeve:
>A document that is used by a large number of people should _not_
>expire until an adequate substitute exists. It is rubbish that
>HTML3 definition has expired, that is only a beaurocratic
>idiosyncrasy and a damn nuisance!

I do wish HTML 3 had been updated as a single 

>Other HTML (more minor) problems:
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>James =D8. Baum

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