Re: Digressions (was: Footnotes)

 From: (Murray Altheim)
| Francois Stragier <> writes:

| >If you use <PRE>, you want to be sure that the ends of line appear
| >where you want. It may be worse than what a good browser could do,
| >given the size of the browser's window. Indentation for example, should
| >be handled by the browser...

This would probably be handled by making the definition of <PRE> more
explicit, and limiting the meaning of "pre-formatted" to line breaks and
indentation.  A possible extension would be to allow the same attribute
on the CODE element, with the interpretation there being that the
browser should pretty-print the code, doing its own indenting and
formatting.  Presumably the user would specify a helper application to
do the actual formatting (alternatively, this case could use OBJECT, but
then you have to have a way to distinguish between objects that are to
be displayed and objects that are to be executed...).

| I deliberately chose 'Pascal' to point out the assumptions inherent in
| using this idea. It would be a great feature if a set of stylesheets could
| be developed to handle common notations (such as computer languages) and
| then applied to specific PRE or CODE elements. Since you're calling this
| thread 'Digressions' I thought I'd throw that in the hopper.

Actually, I think the "digressions" in the title referred to the
suggestion that the proposed FN or FOOTNOTE or POPUP element should be
called DIGRESSION instead, but I think you're germane, anyway...


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