Re: Resizing images relative to window size

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Jon Wallis wrote:

> On  4 Jul 96 at 17:20, James Aylett wrote about external image programs
> Well, of course, this is what happened before "in-line" display came
> in with Mosaic.  I always quite liked having an external viewer
> start-up to view images, but I suspect it wouldn't satisfy most
> people (especially people who are obsessed with appearance rather
> than content).  The idea of being able to configure a browser to
> either display images in-line or pass them to a helper app is
> interesting, but I don't think it would work in practice - too many
> web pages now are tightly-bound mixtures of text+graphics (e.g., 
> newspaper/magazine sites).

No, I meant that you'd have an external application work on it to a
temporary file or area of memory, and then the browser would pick the
result up and display it in its own window.


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