Re: Summary: FRAMES tag references

   From: "William C. Cheng" <>
|   Are FRAMES becoming part of HTML3?  Visually, it looks very nice in
|   Netscape, but the syntax looks quite ugly.  The problem seems to be
|   that connected-frames is a UI and not a mark-up novelty.

If stylesheets already existed it would make sense to make FRAME a
BODY element, allowing multiple FRAMES and allowing them to occur
anywhere, and put the layout specification in the HEAD (possibly in a
stylesheet or possibly in a new LAYOUT element) .  Actually, I'm
not sure why they didn't just use TABLE as the layout mechanism, instead
of introducing FRAMESET, but it was probably easier to implement if it
was an either BODY or FRAMESET choice.

The specification of the existence of FRAMEs, their initial contents,
and their identities seems to me to be wholly a BODY concern - they
define the contents of a single, aggregate resource.

When frames get standardized, we can argue about the best way to
represent document aggregation (actually, there's already been a fair
amount of discussion); in the meantime, the Netscape implementation is
providing some real experience to feed into the discussion.


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