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Bill Osborg <> wrote:
> 	To all who responded, thanks!!!  My library is ever expanding, thanks 
> to this group and others like it!!  To summarize, here are some of 
> the sites suggested for information on the FRAMES tag:

Are FRAMES becoming part of HTML3?  Visually, it looks very nice in
Netscape, but the syntax looks quite ugly.  The problem seems to be
that connected-frames is a UI and not a mark-up novelty.

I remember reading an article about a hypertext browser which supports
connected-frames does something like the following.  You open an URL and
select SplitScreen from a menu.  Now both frames of the screen is showing
the same URL.  Then you do some UI maneuver to connect the ``output port''
of the first frame to the ``input port'' of the second frame.  You then
click on the first anchor of the first frame and the second frame changes
accordingly.  What FRAMES in Netscape does seems to be a short cut for
these steps.

A cleaner way is probably putting all these FRAMES stuff in the HEAD (or
style sheets) of the first URL as a hint to the browser.  To remain
compatible, a new tag (something like PANES) should be used.  Is this done
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