OFF-TOPIC: Provider blues

Excuse the off-topic post.

But as a developer I thought I would warn others of my interesting
experiences with PSI web hosting. (PSI-Web). They recently added Perl, but
only through a wrapper ( mail access, etc...)

After a few days we figured out they are using a mirror'ed system. You
upload to one server and every hour (on the hour) it transfers to the live
server. Now the fun part. It won't mirror the deleting of files. You
actually have to call or email someone to delete files from a site. If you
rename a file, you end up with the old AND the new on the live server. Talk
about Ghost page mania. You should have seen us until we finally
straightened out what was going on... <s>

Would love to see what happens when a page generation scheme is attempted. <g>

Sean <DREAMING>there doesn't seem to be any safety with the "big

Received on Wednesday, 21 August 1996 19:49:43 UTC