Re: OFF-TOPIC: Provider blues

> Now the fun part. It won't mirror the deleting of files. You
> actually have to call or email someone to delete files from a site
> If you rename a file, you end up with the old AND the new on the live
> server. Talk about Ghost page mania. You should have seen us until we
> finally straightened out what was going on... <s>

Ick!  IMHO deleting files in the first place is a really bad thing to
do.  They stay with the indexes and as people's links FOREVER! (or at
least close to it.)  Renaming is almost worse because then you haven't
even gotten rid of the content.  (Which, presumably, would be the
reason to delete a file.)  We try hard to make sure that pages we
create will stay there and not vanish in the future.

- shawn

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