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Automated forms Alastair Aitken CLMS (Thursday, 30 June)

more automated forms Alastair Aitken CLMS (Wednesday, 29 June)

Transparent Gifs Malcolm Vincent (Wednesday, 29 June)

Mosaic, HTML, ans SGML [Was: Meaning of #PC Par Karlsson (Wednesday, 29 June)

HTML 2.0 (June 13, 1994 version) spec is available via anon-ftp Brad Burdick (Friday, 24 June)

Re: HTML.ps.Z Daniel W. Connolly (Friday, 24 June)

HTML 1,2,3 ? kurlanda@informatik.uni-frankfurt.de (Monday, 20 June)

Re: Different character sets in one HTML document Daniel W. Connolly (Monday, 20 June)

hyperRTF? Nathan Torkington (Saturday, 18 June)

Volunteer to provide HTML 2.0 spec by FTP/mail? Daniel W. Connolly (Wednesday, 15 June)

DESCSET Change [Was: HTML 2.0: Review Materials Available ] Daniel W. Connolly (Monday, 13 June)

re parsing HTML 3.0 Terry Allen (Monday, 13 June)

Re: HTML 2.0 spec and the META element Roy T. Fielding (Sunday, 12 June)

Two questions about the 2.0 spec Alan (Miburi-san) Wexelblat (Friday, 10 June)

Redefining the markup language on the fly? Bert Bos (Friday, 10 June)

Accents in Soft Quad HoTMetaL Didier.Courtaud (Friday, 10 June)

Default style? David Koblas (Thursday, 9 June)

Proposal: WIT over USENET or Mail Daniel W. Connolly (Thursday, 9 June)

Redistribution of HTML 2.0 Comments Daniel W. Connolly (Thursday, 9 June)

HTML specifications David L Williams (Wednesday, 8 June)

Embedded "applets" David C. Martin (Wednesday, 8 June)

Color in HTML David Koblas (Tuesday, 7 June)

Re: About wanting control over the look of a page Kevin Hughes (Friday, 3 June)

Re: Indexing requirements for HTML and other document types Dave Raggett (Friday, 3 June)

Re: meta information Roy T. Fielding (Thursday, 2 June)

Re: Style Sheets for HTML Glenn Vanderburg (Wednesday, 1 June)

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