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Nick Arnett wrote:

 |Do you mean to imply that META elements would only appear in the header?  I
 |expect to use this type of tagging in the body as well, though I would will
 |only expect HEAD to return the ones in the header (along with the rest of
 |the header, of course).
 |For example, I can envision tagging the following sentence in the body of a
 |news article:
 |<meta person="Gates, William">Bill Gates, chairman of <meta
 |company="Microsoft" ticker="MSFT" SIC="1234567"> Microsoft Corp. announced
 |today that blah, blah, blah.

This is a very important issue, and fortunately it is covered in HTML
3.0 (formerly HTML+), though not with the META element.

You can define, not attributes, but complete elements. And, more
importantly, in such a way that any SGML tool can understand
them. There are two types of elements you can add: (1) paragraph-level
elements and (2) character-level elements. Your examples would be
character-level elements, since they tag characters in a text, without
causing a paragraph break.

Your example would translate to:

* at the top of the document, declare the new tags:

	<!doctype htmlplus system [
	<!element person - - (%text)+>
	<!attlist person
	<!element company - - (%text)+>
	<!attlist company
	<!entity % cextra "person|company"  -- here's the trick! -->
	<!entity % pextra ""		    -- no new para elements -->

* in the body, use them:

	<person name="Gates, William">Bill Gates</person>, chairman of
	<company name="Microsoft" ticker="MSFT" SIC="1234567">
	Microsoft Corp.</company> announced today that blah, blah, blah.

(You can even specify a particular lay-out for them, such as bold,
italics, all within HTML 3.0. But in this example you probably want
the tags to remain invisible to the reader.)

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