Re: full URIs of XHTML Roles such as banner, contentinfo, ...?

Here is the list we are building of test cases. Some of these are role

This page has test examples for the standard role values found in this
specification which the U. of Illinois Firefox plug-in exposes through
their UI :

Here is an exposure of the navigation landmarks on the page from this
specification using the plug-in:

(See attached file: navlandmark.jpg)

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Hi Dan,

> "This section will contain an example RDF specification for the roles
> that are defined in this document."
> That suggests banner, contentinfo, etc. have corresponding
> full URIs. Is that right? If so, what are they?

That is right, and that will be with the
name appended. A new draft will be up soon that clarifies that, and that
draft will go to last call.

> p.s. I'm new to reviewing this document. The status section
> says it's "relatively mature"; are there any test cases
> I could study? Even if they're not 100% finished, I'd like to have
> a look.

WAI Aria are developing test cases, and I believe you will find some here:

Best wishes,
Steven Pemberton

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