Re: full URIs of XHTML Roles such as banner, contentinfo, ...?

Hi Dan,

> "This section will contain an example RDF specification for the roles
> that are defined in this document."
> That suggests banner, contentinfo, etc. have corresponding
> full URIs. Is that right? If so, what are they?

That is right, and that will be with the  
name appended. A new draft will be up soon that clarifies that, and that  
draft will go to last call.

> p.s. I'm new to reviewing this document. The status section
> says it's "relatively mature"; are there any test cases
> I could study? Even if they're not 100% finished, I'd like to have
> a look.

WAI Aria are developing test cases, and I believe you will find some here:

Best wishes,
Steven Pemberton

Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2007 13:32:38 UTC