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Error in HTML 4.01: attribute media ?

From: javier ader <javierader@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 22:49:07 -0300
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Hi, before all I apgologize for my English (It's no t may native
Maybe there is a error or inconsistence around the default value of
attribure media:
- -section 14.2.3, in the context of element STYLE say:
>media = media-descriptors [CI]
>    This attribute specifies the intended destination medium for
style information. It may be a single media descriptor
>or a comma-separated list. *The default value for this attribute is

- -but section 14.4.1, (in this case as an attribute of element LINK), say:
>In the following example, we define a cascade where the "corporate"
style sheet is provided in several versions:
>one suited to printing, one for screen use and one for speech-based
browsers (useful, say, when reading email in
>the car). *The "techreport" stylesheet applies to all media.* The
color rule defined by the STYLE element is used for
>print and screen but not for aural rendering.
><LINK rel="stylesheet" media="aural" href="corporate-aural.css"
><LINK rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="corporate-screen.css"
><LINK rel="stylesheet" media="print" href="corporate-print.css"
>*<LINK rel="stylesheet" href="techreport.css" type="text/css">*
><STYLE media="screen, print" type="text/css">
>    p.special { color: rgb(230, 100, 180) }

The sentence " The "techreport" stylesheet applies to all media."
together with the absence of "media" in "<LINK rel="stylesheet"
href="techreport.css" type="text/css"> " to seem be in contradiction
with "The default value for this attribute is "screen".". Or
techreport.css applies only to screen media (for section 14.2.3) or it
applies all media (in this case media' defualt value
should be "all").
What's the default value of attribute media?
- -"screen" and then example in section 14.4.1 is wrong
- -"all" and then section 14.2.3
- - the attribute media have different semantics in context STYLE than
context LINK (but I think it is unlikey).

Yours faithfully, Ader Javier.
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