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RE: Including WOFF in ACID3

From: Håkon Wium Lie <howcome@opera.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 18:43:36 +0200
Message-ID: <19640.33976.563610.484527@gargle.gargle.HOWL>
To: Sylvain Galineau <sylvaing@microsoft.com>
Cc: John Hudson <tiro@tiro.com>, "www-font@w3.org" <www-font@w3.org>
Also sprach Sylvain Galineau:

 > Please. You're causing the discussion by objecting on dubious grounds. The 
 > change is trivial: change one single line, serve one more file. 

The proposed change would mean that Acid3 no longer tests:

   does the browser support installable TTF webfonts?

but rather:

   does the browser support either installable TTF webfonts or WOFF?

That's a semantic change, and it's not trivial. A similar change in
vector graphics test could change (say) "does the browser support
SVG?" to "does the browser support either SVG or VML?". Clearly,
knowing which format is supported is valuable.

 > So the next version will use WOFF, yes ?

I think it makes sense for a future Acid test to test WOFF. Best to
get to CR first, though.

 > > One of the strengths of the Acid tests it that they can test
 > > comprehensive designs which require the crossing of organizational
 > > borders.
 > They can, but it's rather arguable whether they actually do. ACID3
 > was a collection of individual bug repros with a score that became
 > a proxy for conformance through clever marketing and general
 > misunderstanding. Of course now that IE effectively passes it its
 > authors downplay its importance.

I haven't seen anyone downplay its importance. It's an important test
and I'm glad that Microsoft is making efforts to pass. 


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