Re: Format name proposals

François REMY wrote:

> Compatibility Web Type fails because it's not correct grammatically 

In English, this is a perfectly grammatical label. It is a compound 
noun. It also directly parallels related usages such as 'compatibility 

> Compatible Web Type is correct grammatically, but it doens't have the 
> same meaning, even if they're very close.

The fact that they don't have the same meaning further indicates that 
both are grammatically correct: they grammatically express different 

> *Compatible* Web Font (CWF) sounds great for me. BTW, the name doesn't 
> matter. Only the implementation does.

I would prefer font to type, also, but unfortunately, the file extension 
.cwf is already in use.


Received on Saturday, 29 August 2009 19:49:02 UTC