RE: WebOTF Proposal: updated description and sample code

Saturday, August 08, 2009 Jonathan Kew <>:

>Not a problem as far as I'm concerned. This list is publicly archived  
>anyway, so no secrets here. :)

No secrets, of course, but as Karsten pointed out to me OL, some discretion
while we are still testing and evaluating makes sense.
While we're talking - one application for webOTF which will absolutely,
positively, leave EOTL in the dust immediately is the market for E-Pub books
and stand-alone desktop webapps based on Adobe Air and open-source
alternatives like Titanium.
This is a problem that's been bothering me a lot.
There is no http server involved, font-service obfuscators are of no use. So
how to license the best made screen fonts available? I've put the question
to the IE team directly and they have no plans or desire to take the IE
rendering engine cross platform so EOTC or EOTL is out of the question.
E-Books is a big and hugely growing market where scraping by on "web safe"
fonts sticks out much more incongruously than on the web. I do not think
it's wise or healthy to force authors to turn to Flash just to get fonts
that are readable and appropriate to the subject matter. Times New Roman
just doesn't cut it as a screen font for body text. Ever.
And because IE certainly won't be the cross-browser engine of choice, EOTL
is out of the picture.
We stand at the cusp of some profound changes, I hope.

Anyway, thanks, and on to the tests...


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On 8 Aug 2009, at 15:53, Richard Fink wrote:

> Jonathan,
> Awaiting this with great anticipation.
> Any objections to spreading the word around about this outside the  
> list?
> (Once you've posted the revised version, of course.)

Not a problem as far as I'm concerned. This list is publicly archived  
anyway, so no secrets here. :)

The page at now has  
links to the corrected code and also to the experimental Firefox builds.


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