Re: EOT & DMCA concerns

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> That's claimable *right now*.  In fact, it's even worse.  At this
> moment Microsoft could truthfully make the claim that they're shipping
> the only webfont format accepted by major font foundries.  You know
> that Ascender supports EOTL, and it's very likely that other foundries
> will as well.

Bill Davis has a list, a close to current version of which is posted 
here along with a few 'me too' 
statements from additional font makers.

There is a fair amount of cross-over between this list and the list of 
foundries supporting .webfont.

If I had to characterise the difference between those who are on one 
list but not on the other, I'd suggest that larger companies with 
substantial multi-source libraries are supportive of EOT-Lite, while 
smaller foundries mainly selling their own products are supportive of 

However, I think this distinction might say more about the internal 
politics of the type business than it does about the technical merits of 
either proposal.


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