Re: Rumours of the death of "new, professionally designed typefaces" are perhaps exaggerated?

Ben Weiner wrote:

> Agreed, it's daft, but I feel it is sad that an existing, working and 
> simple technological solution that is within the current W3 
> recommendation has to die off solely to get font software publishers on 
> board. Makes them look like martinets, whatever the reality.

Does it? From my perspective, I see a number of companies that have no 
investment in font IP implementing naked font linking, and a company 
that has invested millions of dollars in font IP rejecting that 
approach. That company doesn't look to me like a 'martinet'; it looks 
like a company that values something in which it has invested a lot of 
money, and believes naked font linking undermines the value of that 
investment. You may disagree with their analysis, but I think it is a 
mistake to characterise their stance as that of a martinet. One might 
just as easily, and perhaps no more accurately, characterise the stance 
of the proponents of naked font linking as 'free as in freeloader'.


Received on Monday, 3 August 2009 18:16:50 UTC