Re: Supporting EOT-Lite

On 8/1/09 5:26 AM, "Håkon Wium Lie" <> wrote:
> At Opera we see a different picture. We're seeing the use of the
> mobile web grow rapidly in places where you perhaps wouldn't expect
> it. Here's the top five countries for Opera Mini usage in January
> 2009:
>   1 Russia
>   2 Indonesia
>   3 Ukraine
>   4 China
>   5 India
> Needless to say, Opera Mini doesn't support EOT.

I am a lurker here and only jumping in to point out that Opera Mini is not
something that is used by majority of Indians (who would use the Internet
cafes as cited by Christopher Fynn). AFAIK, most economical mobile plans in
India do not have 3G nor GPRS facility.

I do think it is a problem that a lot of regional websites present a
³band-aided² website for their users (fonts are not the only problem). But,
my opinion is, it is not the responsibility of the browser to address this

Going back to lurking mode.

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