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Friday, July 31, 2009 Sylvain Galineau <>:


Color me dense, too.
Let me phrase it the way someone might on the IE Blog:
I have EOT Classic files on my site. Created with WEFT. They have MTX, XOR,
the whole EOT shebang.
IE 9 is about to be released. What do I need to do and what happens on IE's
end that makes me have to do it.



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>> I hope so as that's what the next release of IE must do :)
>> Version 2 files that match all the EOTL criteria will be treated
>> as EOTL including same-origin/CORS. Anything that is not a valid EOTL
>> but a valid EOT will be treated as such.
>That would seem to evade the question because
>future IE will presumably honor root strings
>in EOT classic files.

I honestly don't understand what's being evaded. EOTL files
have no rootstrings. There is not space for them in the header.
EOT files with rootstrings are, per the current definition,
not EOTL files. IE will still support those. But an EOTL-only
implementation will treat any EOT files with rootstrings as
invalid since the header version number will be != 0x00020000.

Sorry for being dense. I don't understand what the issue is.

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