Re: .screenfonts

Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Some time ago, I experimented with a patch that added automatic
> 'size' support to Firefox; this is not currently part of the actual
> codebase, as integrating it across all platforms is dependent on
> some other underlying work on font management, but I hope to revisit
> it eventually. (See
> No new syntax or properties were involved in this, it simply
> selected the appropriate face for the size being used. I suppose we
> might want the option of overriding this with a CSS property, but
> that shouldn't be necessary for normal use.

The support of the 'size' feature I think still requires some
consideration of backwards compatibility, since older browsers won't
have support for this.  Using the 'size' feature alters the definition
of a font family, it is very much distinct from the current definition
in all implementations.

The proper place for that discussion is probably www-style, since the
spec affected by this is the CSS3 Fonts spec.

Received on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 15:03:04 UTC