RE: Merits and deficiencies of EOT Lite

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> Hopefully this message reaches Sylvain on a chamomile tea day
> rather than a triple venti day.

Hey now :) "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time..."

I agree with you. Our @font-face implementation must be fixed and Windows
must do a better job support CFF fonts. No argument.

> I would care less about supporting EOT-Lite if
> Microsoft was committing to supporting @font-face and CFF fonts better.

Well, if it would make you care less, that's not going to make us touch it !
Allow me to be my slow self and replay this: you'd be much more comfortable
supporting EOTL if we publicly committed to addressing both issues, and to do
so by the time IE9 ships at the latest, with, I think an emphasis on addressing
CFF issues earlier.

Am I getting this right ?

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