Re: Combining ZOT with .webfont metadata

Håkon Wium Lie wrote:

>  > There is indeed a longdatetime creation date stamp in the OT/TT head 
>  > table, and also a modification date.

> Thanks, this is useful. Then, based on information in the "info.xml"
> file, there are only two new elements left to encode: licenseename,
> and privatedata.

Except the process of making a .webfont would involve wrapping the font 
data, not editing the font data. So the date of creation of the font 
data, as recorded in the head table, would differ from the date of 
creation of the .webfont wrapper, which is what would be recorded in the 
info.xml file.

I understand that Tal and Erik are intending to respond in detail to 
your summary of .webfont and ZOT. I think you have misunderstood some 
aspects of .webfont, but will let them clarify these.

>  > > And, are fonts really created within one
>  > > minute? Doesn't it take years and years of efforts?

> There should have been a smiley at the end of that sentence :)

I presumed one.


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