same-origin restrictions and EULA (Re: A way forward)

If same origin restrictions are enforced by the UA how can an EULA 
reasonably require them? Surely web authors cannot be held responsible 
for how particular browsers accessing their sites happen to behave in 
this regard. Or is the server supposed to check each time which UA is 
accessing the site and only serve web fonts to those it knows enforce 
same-origin restrictions?

- C

Sylvain Galineau wrote:

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>> Behalf Of John Daggett

>> Er, what? EOT-Lite fonts cannot be used if a EULA specifies that
>> same-origin restrictions are required, since legacy versions of IE
>> won't enforce any form of same-origin restriction.  Are you saying
>> that's incorrect? Or that the example was incorrect?
> If the EULA requires same-origin restrictions, then Firefox is the only browser
> that can implement EOT-Lite and comply with this EULA in the very near term.
> And that's a problem for you why ?

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