Re: A way forward

Dave Crossland wrote:

> 2009/7/24 karsten luecke <>:
>> next you will tell me that Typotheque is developing its web font
>> service because they are so happy with raw TTF/OTF @font-face linking ...

> Stands to reason that they are DEMONSTRABLY happy with raw TTF/OTF
> @font-face linking, or they wouldn't develop the service that uses it,
> no?

Hey, this koolaid tastes funny!

Sorry, Dave: it doesn't need to 'stand to reason', because some of us 
actually know what Peter's motivation was in developing this hack. It is 
an attempt at a workaround, trying to disguise the nakedness of the font 
by disfiguring its private parts. It is a reaction *against* naked font 
linking, not a vote in its favour.

Typotheque supports the .webfont proposal.

John Hudson

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