RE: A way forward

Also sprach Sylvain Galineau:

 > > According to the specification it's valid, according to your
 > > implementation it's not.
 > A known bug which cannot establish why you or Mozilla would need to
 > match this behavior. As IE does not recognize the optional format
 > hint, authors would drop it to make the declaration work in IE

So, authors should code their page according to what works in IE, not
according to standards?

This is exactly what we're trying to move away from: one vendor
dominating to the point where they can veto features. The format hint
is there for a reason and people should and will use it. When the
resulting EOT page comes out looking differently in different
browsers, who will get the blame?

 > > Now it's your turn: how many bugs has Microsoft fixed in the EOT code
 > > over the last decade?
 > Our internal bug system indicates 65 issues were fixed in the Windows 7 cycle alone. 

You fixed 65 bugs and not the glaring one above? And not the one I
reported in June 2007? How could you miss them?

Now, if you fixed 65 issues, can you show us one EOT page that works
in IEx and not in IEy? You may choose your own x and y as long as they
are greater than 5 or so.

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Received on Friday, 24 July 2009 20:59:21 UTC