RE: A way forward

> From: Håkon Wium Lie []

> Can you list some successful browsers that do not replicate IEs
> quirks? It goes without saying that such browsers wouldn't find many
> users. This is not a healthy for the web and we should try to move
> away from it.

You're evading again, and very poorly so. Which exact quirks are necessary for
you to implement in the context of EOT-Lite ?

> Rather than insisting on others embalming your mistakes from the past,
> you should switch on TTF/OT in IE8. It's done in an hour and Windows
> Software Uptdate can easily transmit the patch by tomorrow morning.

All right then. Let's do it. I so want to see Opera and Mozilla rush to change
their excellent @font-face implementations to match the quirks, bugs and limitations
of our own. Because you will then have to replicate them right ? Your users demand it!

Come on, Hakon. That you expect anyone to believe this at face value is beyond ridiculous, if not

I shall await for the concrete evidence I asked from you. Until it is produced, I must assume
you are bluffing and stalling for the purpose of sabotaging Ascender's proposal. It's as if
Microsoft's past mistakes entitled you to make up any claim and use any excuse, however
far-fetched, irrelevant or even downright dishonest. That is wrong, and no healthier for the web.

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