Re: Webfont compression

2009/7/22 John Hudson <>:
> In practical terms, how [gzip http compression] manifest?

One line/click in the HTTP server configuration, and its completely
transparent after that for both anyone working on the website backend
and everyone browsing the site.

> what steps are necessary for web designers/developers
> wanting to ensure that such compression is applied to the sites that they
> build?

Read the manual for your webserver, or hire a competent systems administrator.

> I'm trying to understand whether a distinction exists between the
> availability of this technology and how much it is actually used.

It is used extremely widely by people who pay bandwidth bills, or are
in charge of reducing them, but since bandwidth is so cheap for most
sites these days, its maybe less common than it was... Its also
possible that those concerned with reducing page load latency would
also use this more than those who don't pay attention to that, but
then they are more likely to use a 3rd party content distribution
network service (akamai, etc) or run their own load balancing and
caching system rather than tweak their HTTP server directly.


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