Re: Problems with style-linked EOTs

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 10:55 AM, Laurence Penney<> wrote:
> Could you elaborate on the problems IE has with bold and italic styles?

My understanding is that, effectively, if a @font-face is being used,
font-style/font-weight/etc. are simply ignored by IE.  More
specifically, there's no way to tell it which fonts to substitute for
bold/italic/etc., so it can't respect those directives.  You could
still get bold/italics, it's just a minor pain.  You'd have to change
the font-family along with every font-style/font-weight change, like

body { font-family: myfont; }
b { font-weight: bold; font-family: myfont-bold; }

Moreover, it makes almost no difference at all for header fonts, since
you're unlikely to have some parts of the header italicized or bolded
but not other parts.  Header fonts are the biggest use-case for
@font-face anyway, as far as I understand, so I don't think this
deficiency of IE is a deal-breaker at all.  If you do want to use a
custom font and have bold and italics work right, it's somewhat
hackish but should still work okay in most cases.

I haven't tested this, though, and could be way off the mark.

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